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*NEW* DIY - 102 Parameters Tested - Drinking Water Test Kit!

Our new DIY drinking water test kits are HERE!!  Designed for those who are interested in getting their tap water tested by EPA regulatory methods, but don't want to pay extra for the chain of custody home servicing, or live in a rural area outside our home servicing radius!  Click HERE for more information about our comprehensive water testing kit.

Same day tap and well water testing services in the Twin Cities Metro | Clean Water Certified


Same day tap water testing in the Minneapolis-St Paul Metro by one of our Clean Water Certified Technicians.

EPA Certified government lab testing methods ensure your water is tested at the highest level of quality and assurance. 

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Visit our Facebook business page for additional information regarding issues and threats to your tap water and well water in the Twin Cities Metro.

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Here at Clean Water Certified, our mission is to provide your community with a secure, reliable, and transparent understanding of what’s really in their drinking water


We pride ourselves on hiring highly educated individuals that have a track record and desire to volunteer within their community.  We pay our employees to volunteer 40 hours of their work time, which is mandated every quarter.  This mandate helps shape our culture, which reminds us, even though we cannot see or control what happens upstream, we can still help those downstream and around us.  Get Clean Water Certified TODAY

Glyphosate Drink Water Test

"Glyphosate is a common herbicide used for agriculture and lawn and garden care. People are most likely to come into contact with glyphosate when they mix or apply it. You can ingest low levels of glyphosate from eating foods that were treated with glyphosate or from drinking contaminated water. Glyphosate has been detected at low levels in Minnesota surface water and drinking water. Drinking water detections are very rare " - Minnesota Department of Health

Glyphosate Water Testing $199

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Not in the Minnesota Twin Cities Metro area? Check Out Our New DIY Kit By Clicking The Link Below!

*NEW* DIY- KIT  With Free Shipping To The Continental U.S.    Drinking Water -102 Tested Parameters With Bacteria Results In 24 to 48 Hours!

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